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Facebook to Offer Users New Way to Insult Friends and Family

Earlier this week, Facebook announced plans to introduce a new “dislike” feature alongside its traditional “like” button. The new button will appear beside the thumbs-up icon included as part of all posts on its website, offering users a new way to insult their friends and family.
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Subway President of Marketing Regrets Saying There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Responding to a reporter’s question regarding statements made in 2005 in which Subway President of marketing Martin Porter is quoted as saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” Porter on Wednesday said, “I can firmly say that I regret those remarks.”
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Japan Reopens Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Following the successful relaunching of nuclear power earlier this month with the restarting of a nuclear reactor at its Sendai plant in the Southwest of the country, Japan announced this week that it was moving forward with plans to reopen its nuclear facility at Fukushima. The move is described as an accelerated effort to bring all of its nuclear facilities back online in time for the start of next season’s HBO series True Detective.
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Minnesota Dentist Reaffirms Man’s Place at the Top of the Food Chain

In a stunning reaffirmation of mankind’s status as the animal kingdom’s foremost predator, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer reclaimed Man’s place at the top of the food chain earlier this week.
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