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Holly’s Asian Vacation

Contributor Holly W. recently traveled to Asia on assignment for BannedCast. Things went awry in spectacular BannedCast fashion, and we are presently in contact with authorities in Vietnam as we continue to attempt to locate her. Because she still owes us $25 for those Crocs she bought on the corporate account that she claimed were necessary for trips to the beach in the Philippines as part of her “job duties.”

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Holly’s Do’s and Don’ts for Riding the Bus

I was recently sitting on the #19 bus in San Francisco with nothing to do other than observe the passing reality around me. In this case, that reality consisted of a homeless meth-head blocking the door and yelling at passengers to return his stolen Strawberry Shortcake Pez dispenser.

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Holly’s Do’s and Don’ts for Disneyland

Everyone loves Disneyland until you actually get there. Disneyland is in the business of destroying every adult’s dream of reliving their childhood by providing a few acres filled with screaming children and urine-soaked, measles-infected seating from which to view scenes of animatronic pirates chasing and ostensibly sexually assaulting animatronic women. And you get all this for the price of a $90 ticket.

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