• election-featured

    Election Day 2016

    It’s election day, better known as an opportunity to sleep in, show up late to work, and pretend that you stopped to vote on your way in.

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  • dinersaurs-featured

    Dinersaurs Cereal is Decadent and Depraved

    While perhaps not as impactful upon my impressionable young mind as Fruit Islands cereal, Dinersaurs remains another top-tier, long-lost breakfast cereal from that heyday of the mid- to late-80s when

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  • grooming


    I have one very long, very gray, very errant eyebrow hair. I’m convinced that somewhere, someone has posted a video of me picking my nose in my car. And I

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  • fruitislands

    Fruit Islands Cereal

    Fruit Islands is my Rosebud. It represents a lost childhood innocence that I shall likely never reclaim, and I have a Proustian relationship with this cereal such that as I

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  • Trump Featured

    Donald Trump is America’s Fault

    In the opening to his cover of Patti Smith’s “Rock n’ Roll Nigger,” Marilyn Manson screams “I was made in America, and America hates me for what I am. I

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  • ElectronicDanceMusicFeatured

    Fuck Your Electronic Dance Music

    So 2016 has been a terrible year for music. This year we’ve witnessed the passing of David Bowie, Merle Haggard, Maurice White, and Prince, just to name a few. And

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  • Allegiant Featured

    Allegiant Air: Greyhound Airbus of the Skies

    So I recently had the misfortune to travel back home for a family reunion that consisted mostly of Schlitz-fueled recriminations and a lot of emphatic finger pointing, and in punishing

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  • 19 Angkor Wat, Cambodia Featured

    Holly’s Asian Vacation

    Contributor Holly W. recently traveled to Asia on assignment for BannedCast. Things went awry in spectacular BannedCast fashion, and we are presently in contact with authorities in Vietnam as we

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