BannedCast is an online magazine experiment bringing you a variety of writing, podcasts, and video from our coterie of the very finest of contributors and authors.

And by “finest” we mean the mostly unemployable degenerates whom you typically cross to the other side of the street to avoid. At least here, you don’t have to smell them. Because BannedCast doesn’t pay its staff enough for luxuries such as soap.

And yes, some names are pseudonyms. Go figure, no one actually named their child Juke Joint, but Absalom is a real guy, even if he stole his profile picture from a Civil War book …

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Patrick Bateman – Managing Editor, Twitter Fiend

Patrick BatemanPatrick Bateman is Managing Editor and a contributing writer at BannedCast. He also manages BannedCast’s Twitter feed, which helps prevent him from venting his frustrations on displaced alley cats. Follow BannedCast on Twitter






DB – Editor, Contributing Writer

DB Standing UpwardsDB is an editor and contributing writer at BannedCast and co-hosts BannedCast podcasts, including Game of Thrones: An (un)Informed Podcast, Stranger Things: A Downside Up Podcast, and BannedCast Movie Trash.






Juke Joint Jezebel – Contributing Writer

Juke Joint JezebelJuke Joint Jezebel enjoys ruining your day by pissing on the things you love and hold dear.





Jared Levin – Contributor

Made in Hawaii, raised in Philadelphia, living in Los Angeles. Jared gets high on salads, seaweed, and surfing. Hear him on BannedCast Movie Trash, Game of Thrones: An Uninformed Podcast, and Stranger Things: A Downside Up Podcast.








Erin – Contributor

Former Little Miss New Jersey, current apathetic observer of all your inherent flaws. Yes, those flaws. The ones that make you look, and sound, like a twat. Hear her on BannedCast Movie Trash and Stranger Things: A Downside Up Podcast.








Absalom – Contributing Writer

AbsalomWe at BannedCast gave our peculiar, moderately socially inept neighbor, Absalom, a Sharpie needlepoint pen and a Mead Five Star Fat Lil Wirebound notebook and asked him to write about his day. Absalom’s Journal features these entries. 








Holly W. – Contributing Writer

Holly profile picHolly W. enjoys reflecting on the minutiae of daily life that you may have otherwise overlooked. Because that woman screaming next to you on the bus has macrocosmic consequences that should not be so readily dismissed.





Mean Dave – Contributor 

MeanDaveProfilePicMean Dave is a comedian from the Bay Area. He doesn’t much care for your attitude, your politics, or your proprieties, but he does care about helping you to see the error of your ways. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Or don’t—that’s your problem, not his.





Tanner B. – Contributor, Podcast Sound Tech

TannerTanner B. is BannedCast’s in-house sound technician and occasional podcast co-host.








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