Trader Joe’s

What’s the proper etiquette for taking a free sample at Trader Joe’s? Do I make an overture of saying “Thank you” to the person preparing and distributing them, or do they prefer to be left alone? It’s not like they pour their heart and soul into heating up a frozen dish of fettuccine alfredo, but then I feel like an asshole for just walking up and taking free food without making eye contact.

The most interesting thing that happened at work today was someone accidentally turning off the lights in the office.

I very much need a haircut.

Update: I tried saying hello to the woman giving samples at Trader Joe’s. She didn’t say hello back.

At checkout there was a heated exchange between an older woman in line in front of me and a guy with a ponytail who she claimed had cut in front of her. He let her go ahead of him, and after she left, I told the guy that he had cut in front of me, too.

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