Why I Believe Jodi Arias is Innocent

Jodi Arias is innocent, and I believe that she was railroaded by a corrupt justice system and convicted under false pretenses.

Because Jodi is a beautiful, innocent, beautiful young woman with no history of violence or malice toward anyone. It is therefore unthinkable that she could have committed the acts for which she has been (wrongly) accused and (unjustly) convicted.

What the media and the countless Jodi Arias “Hater-Hags”—as I like to refer to the many millions of postmenopausal women jealous of Jodi’s attractiveness and superior acumen—have neglected to recognize is the fact that Jodi Arias is not only not guilty of premeditated murder, she is also innocent of all charges against her.

This is because there is ample evidence to suggest that Jodi did not kill Travis and is instead the victim of an elaborate, premeditated hoax. Because while Jodi may have only slightly injured Travis in self defense, as she has claimed in numerous testimonies, it is evident that Travis later retaliated by killing himself in such a way as to make it appear as though Jodi had killed him.

And for all those who will staunchly claim that there is no way for a man to first shoot himself in the face, then stab himself 27 times and lastly slit his own throat with the seeming intention of cutting off his own head, I say: you poor, naïve fool.

Stranger things have happened, and when one looks at the evidence, it becomes more and more apparent that Jodi was in fact framed for the murder of Travis Alexander in the same way that OJ Simpson was framed for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, who clearly also killed themselves in order to ruin OJ’s budding acting career.

There is a long history of this sort of misrepresented suicide, and the earliest historical example appears in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s account of Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of Thor Bridge. In this historical account (because Sherlock Holmes was real, look it up), Holmes is able to save a beautiful woman from being hanged for the murder of her lover’s then wife.

It was this jealous wife who killed herself in a most ingenious way so as to make it look like the other woman had done it. The story explains the dead woman’s actions by saying that she was South American and therefore inherently crazy. Well, I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that this whole suicide-mistaken-as-murder thing really took off in this country with the death of John F. Kennedy, who also killed himself by shooting himself twice in the head in front of his own wife and an audience of adoring fans. What kind of fucked-up shit is that?

What we can say for sure is that Travis is evidently a vindictive man who took advantage of Ms. Arias’s beneficent disposition in order to ruin her life, and he was willing to take his own life in order to do it. That is why I am coming to Jodi’s defense and offering to be that warm shoulder for her to lean on, the rippling pectoral for her to cry on, and that formidable, throbbing manhood for her to ravish in raptures of penitential ecstasy as we meld into one magnificent union of carnal transcendence.

This beautiful young woman deserves fair treatment under the law—fair treatment which she has yet to receive. And I will not rest until she is free, or until I can fuck her in prison.




  • I just wish she was found not guilty since she is hot but I never put this much time or energy into it.

    • All this hate you people put in to this is so sad dont you have anything else to do with your pitiful life. Hate is not healthy. Find something else to do. the world has enough hate in it it doesnt help anyone to spew this hate REALLY LOOK at your self

      • i dislike idiots and ignorant idiots you know who you are

      • Why are you on here wasting your time?

      • gina you and richard are so misguided i’m at a loss for words…..you talk about people who don’t like killers and call them haters ..EXPLAIN?…when a person slits someones throat and puts a bullet in their head to make sure they are dead that is not self defense my dear,that is a person on a mission to kill that person….when it comes down to it gina it she was abused like she claimed she would have never showed up at his house that day and she showed u uninvited and had no clue she was coming…Thats stalking in my book…her spying on him all the time stalking invasion of privacy….her sending email to other woman he knew for them to stay away from travis…..thats against the law to look at anyones private email account ….her answering his phone and cell phone and telling his woman friends to f off that he was not intrested in them…..she was a stalker and abuser as she used sex as a way to keep him around…..gina are you blind can’t you see richard is a loose cannon ..why do you think they won’t allow him to see his kids ,it’s not what he is telling you…he is very hateful unstable…you better wake up ..geezzzzz

      • Hi. Gina: not too much hope 4 these types of ignorant people…like pigs that wallow in the mud. Would be hard to clean their minds to remove their hateful prejudice behaviour.

      • Where’s the evidence that proves JA is innocent? NO evidence has been found to support her claim of domestic violence (no witnesses, no photos, no journal entries and no texts/emails)


        Provide us with EVIDENCE that Jodi was a victim of domestic violence. NOT assuming. FACTS. EVIDENCE.

        You people do NOT know the law. You put feelings over facts. You either do NOT know or understand the constitution. You people do NOT believe in due process. Morons like you and the person who wrote this story do NOT believe a person is innocent until proven guilty.

        The defense NEVER provided evidence that proved JA was a victim and NO EVIDENCE that TA attacked her on 6/4/08. All the jury had were JA words.

        Sorry, but EVIDENCE AND FACTS MUST be presented to the jury in order for them to sentence her.

        🤦🏼‍♀️ You must be a liberal. Of course you are. Conservatives do not have reprobate minds like liberal leftist.

    • So Brad are you saying that because you believe it is hot then it’s ok for it to committ murder?. Well not only are you blind but you are delusional.

  • russell spitzer

    Man I don’t no bout that. I think Jodi is innocent too. I think she went there but her intention was not to kill him, but no doubt she was ready in case he abused her again. I think Travis went on a rage when Jodi would not have freaky sex with him. I think he attract
    her, but this time unlike the other times he started really physically abusing her, and like I said she was ready and he got what he deserved.

  • I like to think that there was some else there. That is what Flores suggested to her in one of the first interrogatories, then when he did not get the answer that he expected he moved on to ask why she killed him. I think that she was coerced. But I don’t understand why she did not ask for an attorney.

    • wow you didnt watch the trial she is so guilty of cold blooded murder.she had been telling lies for years and she thought she was the best and she thought she could get a way with murder WRONG

    • “I like to think that there was some (sic) else there.”
      Hey, I like to think that I’m six foot four 220 lbs, I’m an astronaut and I own this bar. But because I’m GROUNDED IN REALITY I know this is not the case.
      I like to start with the bloody palm print on the wall; the one that has stabber girl’s blood and Travis’s blood MIXED TOGETHER.
      I’m sure you’d like to think that she didn’t ADMIT IN OPEN COURT THAT SHE STABBED HIM all those times after she shot him in the head.
      When you folks try and play the abuse card, you realize you do a huge disservice to all the people past, present, and future who are truly abused.
      I just hope this new jury can show some cajones and give her a death sentence. I don’t care if she’s never put to death. I just want her to SIT ALONE, out of the general population, and THINK about her cruel deeds for the rest of her rotten life.

  • I put a lot of time and energy into it, and talk about the facts of the case frequently on Occupy HLN. I don’t think she’s necessarily innocent of all wrongdoing, absent proof of a physical attack by Travis. But I definitely don’t think the top charge should have been first degree murder, and I know the State used malfeasance and trial-by-media (HLN) to bilk a corrupt jury into finding her guilty. There is no proof she’s guilty of first degree murder.

    Heat-of-passion manslaughter? Perhaps …

    ~ Jason

    • josiesdog@gmail.com

      Just curious… How can the jury be corrupt when they find her quilty but then honest and truthful when some refuse the DP?
      How can the jury be correct and just when they find her quilty but then “fooled by her” and wrong when the are hung on the DP?
      Can’t be both…..

    • How can anyone sound so intelligent and be so ignorant at the same time?

    • Oh Jason you just keep grasping don’t you. When will you come out of your fog?.

    • Yes,
      I believe it is perhaps heat-of-passion manslaughter.

    • Did you get a chance to fuck that bitch yet? Hopefully you will get your chance just before catrates you pervert.

  • that is because your a child molesting pervert just like her

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Everyone has to fight for their right to stick it in the battered vjayjay of the Devil’s seed. Which is the convicted of Murder 1 Hodi Arias…. You got what you deserved snaggle tooth

  • Dang the crazies are everywhere!!!! Well I dont think you’re last 2 wishes Mr. Bateman will ever come true, because she is a cold blooded murderer, a compulsive liar, and I’m so glad they found her guilty!!!! Now if we can get this sentencing phase over with we won’t have to hear her name ever again!!!

    • This guy looks like he should have an inmate number attached to his mug……..

      • Is Bateman the big convict looking knucklehead sucking on his lip at the start of this sorry blog? I guess if I didn’t have any teeth, I’d pose like that too.

      • Yes this man does look like he too should be in prison. His eyes tell you he is as crazy as Jodi Hairy Ass!!

  • Another shit for brains American, this Bateman clown. LOL He has one brain cell and its on life support

  • apparently this guy understands ZERO about this case.

  • MIchelle Balderama

    I truly held to her innocence throughout the trial (as it should be) and like you, not just of premeditated murder, but of all charges against her. I considered all of the possibilities such as being framed, intruders, accomplice, etc. However, she herself did not once suggest that she was coerced or threatened, only that she lied. She had ample opportunity to pronounce her innocence while on the stand and it confused me that she made no effort to do so. But when she actually called that interview immediately after conviction, and openly admitted that she doesn’t know if she “regrets” not turning herself in, using the exact words, “Can you imagine willingly giving up your freedom?” I realized that one who is innocent on all counts would not be giving up her freedom by turning herself in. Please Mr. Bateman, explain to me why she is requesting so many interviews yet she herself is not proclaiming her own innocence. I waited for the duration of the trial to hear her at least say that somebody else was with her, and if what you write is accurate, why wouldn’t she announce such? She has offered several versions of events, why not one more? Whether it was taken seriously or not, at least it would cause some skepticism….reasonable or otherwise. I have asked this question publicly and have yet to receive a reply…

    • PEOPLE that are smitten with the delusional ARIAS……….SHE ADMITTED TO MURDERING TRAVIS ! She tried to play the self defense game….didn’t work…..Jodi is manipulative, it was extremely obvious when she took the stand….Travis was the one thing that she wanted…and could not have….she wanted the life style in which he lived….she could not have it………she was pissed that he DID NOT WANT HER after her using her usual tactics….sex……she was nothing more than a glorified booty call….she took a life…..the punishment should fit her crime…she was cruel ….she has destroyed a family……she was not close to anybody but herself and her thoughts…..she thought she could out smart the law…..she said it herself…..could you imagine giving up your own freedom….willingly…….again…self centered, self indulgent arrogant Jodi jmo

      • Bev….BRAVO! your absolutely correct! hodi is a self centered stanky skank!

      • There is no question that she murdered Travis Alexander but did she do it in self defense or was it unprovoked? If it was not self defense and a deliberate, planned murder as you believe, then why wait until the following morning to kill him? Why not do it when he was sleeping with her that night? Also when she shot him, he was OUTSIDE of the shower since there were no bullet holes in the glass shower door. Why not shoot him through the glass door where there is an additional barrier between her and him allowing her to get multiple shots off before he could get away or defend himself?

    • I believe her so called “defense team” failed her defense.

      • Carol, Arias pulled the strings; the defense team was and is simply PUPPETS for her nutty machinations. Given her level of lying on lying on lying, who would want to defend that wreck? And if she doesn’t like those lawyers (that us taxpayers are $$$$$$$ paying for) and her case is so damn fine and stellar, WHERE are the dozens of liberal attorneys who work so tirelessly PRO BONO for deserving clients? I’ll tell you where; NOWHERE, because no one in their right mind would want to be her damn puppet. Believe it or not, but attorneys don’t like liars.

  • hahahahahahahahaha

  • You’ve robbed me of a few IQ points just by reading that dribble. I wouldn’t ask you for some IQ points as it is quite obvious that you have none to spare.

  • Gosh, do you think Juan Martinez knows that since she’s “hot” and “beautiful” she’s innocent?? To think that the justice systems doesn’t have a clue! All we need are judges from a beauty contest to decide if someone is innocent or guilty! Stupid asses; thinking with your dicks!

  • HAHAHA,,,dude this is some funny shit you made my night.

  • This. Is. Hilarious.

    Thank you for writing. I truly almost peed myself when I read it. It’s genius writing, honestly… you take on the voice of them so well that most of the commenters even think it was serious.

    • Wait, LLM? Do I know you from elsewhere? Anywho, spot on. It was hilarious once I got over the shock of the first paragraph.

  • This is really funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  • and you do know that none of you guys that are claiming she’s innocent will never have the chance to sleep with her right? That’s the only reason any guy is sticking up for her. What if Travis was your brother,uncle or cousing?

  • These comments are show that you are a true dumbass!
    “Because Jodi is a beautiful, innocent, beautiful young woman with no history of violence or malice toward anyone. It is therefore unthinkable that she could have committed the acts for which she has been (wrongly) accused and (unjustly) convicted.”

    How in the world do you think that someone just because they have no criminal past can do these things ? So she should have gone out and gotten arrested a few times so that they would have reason to convict her ? Just because some does not look the part, does not mean they cant do the crime. You look like you have done some stupid things, but I dont know you from Adam.

    • I tell you right now this guy is talking just like those on jodiariasisinnocent.com. I wage my money on it he is a member. They think between their legs instead of their brain

      • THAT website is run by a real tool who is simply USING her rotten name to drag some money out of the suckers. Stabber girl sees not one dime of it. And HOW would she? She’s in prison for life. Put ten bucks in her geedunk fund so she can buy some Raisinettes and Goobers if it will make you suckers feel better.

  • Jodi is guilty no matter wut. I think ur wacked in the head like she is. U guys r meant to be together. Shit I guess u want to be next in the list…LMAO. open ur eyes get off the crack pipe. She is fucken guilty.

  • Did you see his last comment? “Until I can Fuck her in Prison” what a sick, sick person! He is just like her!!!!

    • Hey now. Let’s not attack our author. Just because he wants to fuck her doesn’t mean he doesn’t also want to cuddle with her afterward. C’mon now.

      • Ur Typical JA Supporter

        You’re perfect. If only you were a convicted serial killer sentenced to LWOP with a tribal piece tattooed across your wiener, we would be eloping tonight over a collect call.

      • It’s so weird that you mention it, because I do have a tattoo on my penis. But it’s not a tribal pattern–it’s a picture of a unicorn jumping over a rainbow. And if this is anyone other than Jodi, please don’t waste my time, because I would totally have hot phone sex with her, collect, anytime. Phone number is 650-741-1396. Call me!

  • josiesdog@gmail.com


  • if Jodi didnt hack the guy up then who did? Please if she was a 500 pounder you wouldnt even be saying this chit, your just hot for her bod period

  • I think this is all meant to be sarcastic. In fact, I’m sure of it.

    • LOL… I love that you had to think about it for a minute. Because the level of absurd the author goes to adequately depicts the thinking of an average JA supporter.

  • Satire is something that seems to be a lost art in our culture.

    LMAO. Funny stuff!

    • Completely agree!

    • “Satire is something that seems to be a lost art”; HEY, if this site is a prime indicator, it is still a VERY VERY LOST ART. This site is weak satire at best. WEAK. Hear me? WEAK!!
      Why don’t you go start a TRAVISISALIVE.COM website and go from there with your humor, mister satire? Let me assure you, MARK TWAIN YOU AIN’T!!

      • You’re VERY VERY right, Paul. We’re not like Mark Twain at all here at bannedcast. We hardly ever use the n-word. Double exclamation points!!


  • Dear Mr. Author… I am a poor naïve fool therefore I think you should grab a video camera and prove to the world that a man can kill himself in the manner you describe in paragraph 5.

    • Would luv to view that video myself.. if you show that you can kill urself the same way Travis did. . I will gladly admit that myself & 1000s of others who think Jodi is guilty !! Were wrong…

      • I’m living, breathing proof it can be done. I’ve done it! Then brought myself back to life. The blade dulled by the time I reached C5 of my vertebral column; that was a real son of a bitch, but I managed to chisel my way through. The only problem is my iphone died after I hit record. But, as Sandra Webber of Inconvenient Truths is my witness, it did happen! You cannot prove it didn’t!

  • First she addmited to killing TA 2nd he never killed himself 3rd u need mental help 4th your just plain crazy get a life

  • I cant help but notice that the fugly pervert dudes love Jodi, not one strapping handsome man has come forward and supported her. Those that do probably sit by the computer fantasizing. Travis killed himself lmao that is just hysterical. Dude put down the pipe and step away from the computer

  • she is guilty and I pray they stick her where the sun dont shine any more so we never have to hear from her again …….she deserves nothing better than a cell and a cot she is a selfish heartless bitch

  • What is it about the word “satire” that people don’t get? This writeup was hilarious and imaginative! You must get a kick out the comments.

  • This is a satire site, people! It’s not for actual debate. In the words of Lucy (from Peanuts cartoon strip) “Don’t you know sarcasm when you hear it?”

    • It IS you! Of course the only name I’d recognize is one of the select few who gets it.

      Tell me, V, have you ever woken up to a big red mark in the middle of your forehead from where you banged your head against the computer screen after reading just one too many JA trial comments?… I know, me too. 😉

  • u are a stupud dude travis alexander didnt killed hesself she murder the poor guy he didnt deresve to died like he did get that pipe out of your mouth do u want to be the next one on her list she is a cold blood murder thats what she is

  • WOW, another nut case!! Scarey world we live in!!

  • It’s satire people. Go to top of page, right hand corner!!

  • That wasn’t a great first attempt at humor, but keep going, you’ll get better. It does kind of ruin your skit that she ADMITTED killing him. Details like that are tough to write comedy about. But nice try.

  • she admitted it all fools

  • Dude , you are a damn retard , that crazy female even admitted to killing him in court , are you even aware of what’s going on around you ? You sound as bad as that retard Chris Mathews on msnbc , just because someone is pretty doesn’t mean they are not a killer , you need to stop thinking with your pecker and read up on the case so you can make an “Intelligent” observation , on a side note , I wouldn’t mind having an idiot like you on my jury if I ever murdered someone though.

  • How and the hell y’all stupid dum ass jodi supporters gone believe this zombie and she has lied about everything come from her mouth there’s no proof to back up non of the lies she has told. Because non of it never happen, all of its just a fairy tale. dont u dumn people get it?? its all made up she thought all the lies she Created would save her and Fortunately it didn’t

  • How and the hell y’all stupid dum ass jodi supporters gone believe this zombie and she has lied about everything come from her mouth there’s no proof to back up non of the lies she has told. Because non of it never happen, all of its just a fairy tale. dont u dumn people get it?? its all made up she thought all the lies she Created would save her and Fortunately it didn’t.

  • What the hell did I just read?! She admitted to killing Travis! Obviously half of you people didn’t watch the whole trial and what Jodi admitted to. Travis Alexander did not kill himself.. He was killed by Jodi Arias. Why can’t you all just accept the fact that she did it and move the hell on. OH! Another thing, I am a woman and I am not one bit jealous of her “looks”. And for you disgusting ass people who only want her to be innocent cos she’s hot, I think you need some growing up to do.

  • I have to say I don’t know jodi but I watched the video of what she did to travis alexander and I think she is guilty there was so much evedence to show she murdered him and the bit** even admitted she done it I’m not jelous of jodi like the man in this statment above said. I just know what I see jodi is a heartless evil person yeah maybe travis may have used her and cheated but that’s no reason to kill him just get over it and move on

  • Look here, JESS. It’s time you changed your verbalism. Jodi is a SURVIVOR. That’s right! An S-U-R-V-I-V-O-R. Got it?! She is a modern day Susan B. leading the plight of every American woman survivor who’s been oppressed and brutalized by the Travis Alexanders of the world.

    How dare you defend a man who had the nerve to stab himself multiple times and leave his blood on the linoleum floor where our sweet Jodi would be vulnerable to a slip and fall. Not to mention the spurting blood from where he severed his carotid could have landed in our dear Jodi’s EYE, BLINDING HER! What’s wrong with you? This has to STOP!

    I suggest you Youtube Destiny’s Child, so you can get a dose of what it is to be a true survivor much like our angelic Jodi and become a catalyst for change.


  • This is the best satire I ever seen, bravo. You got a lot of people fooled…….

  • Aren’t they LEGEND, Michael?! I love these people. I think I’m the equivalent of a cyber pro-ho…er…groupie… or whatever.

  • It is obvious most people who commented here did not even read the damn article!!!! It is a JOKE PEOPLE!!!! READ the article. This author has put so many clues in this article to let the reader know it is a parody. I thought it was hilarious! I couldn’t even read all of the comments because I just can’t believe people really bought into this!

  • Whomever write this garbage is on crack. Swine from JAII.

    • I feel sorry for poor misunderstood jodie. There’s me thinking that she got convicted because she stabbed travis 29 times nearly decapitated him. shot him in the head lied to police/tv and under oath. But it was not so. Having just read her 12 page letter its all her fat KFC eating attorney fault. Not poor jodies fault at all. Have to go now I can feel a fog coming on

  • I feel sorry for poor misunderstood jodie. There’s me thinking that she got convicted because she stabbed travis 29 times nearly decapitated him. shot him in the head lied to police/tv and under oath. But it was not so. Having just read her 12 page letter its all her fat KFC eating attorney fault. Not poor jodies fault at all. Have to go now I can feel a fog coming on

  • The Merry Trickster

    This is obviously a joke people. Making fun of the ludicrous arguments Arias and her all of 9 supporters tell. Obviously. Well done!

  • Dude you’re such a fag. God I pity the women in your life you fucking doucher.

    • Dude, the women in our life consist solely of your mother and her sister, so … joke’s on you!
      Except that they both have prominent moustaches and lingering yeast infections, so … maybe the joke is on us.

  • Richard Speights presents a compelling argument that she frantically stabbed while being attacked from the front. It is the only explanation that makes sense for a girl with no previous history of violence. His theory is not conclusive, but is plausible enough for reasonable doubt, which means she ought to walk.

  • Do you want us to believe that Travis stabbed himself 27 times, slit his own throat, and then shot himself. What the hell have you been smoking. Well I believe this.https://m.facebook.com/771074869631670/photos/a.824976964241460.1073741828.771074869631670/827590140646809/?type=1&source=48&_ft_&__tn__=E

  • I cannot believe the number of half-wits who actually believe that this blogger is DEFENDING Jodi Hairyarse!
    It’s called ‘humour’ – and thinly veiled at that…what else did they need him to write before the penny dropped? – that Jesus nailed himself to the cross, or that Nelson Mandela was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, or that one has to be a gay atheist to join the Westboro Baptist Church??? …hold on, scrub that third example as it’s probably true! : )

  • We’re you born an idiot or did you just become one?? Your SKANK ,JODI ARIAS ADMITTED TO SLAUGHTERING TRAVIS!!!! Stop being an attention skank like her ,it doesn’t become you. Ugggg

  • Yeah that’s why she borrowed gas cans before her trip and bought one more, so she wouldn’t have to stop to buy gas, so there would be no record of her on camera or no gas receipts….. that’s why she said she wasn’t IN Arizona when he was killed, then decided to change the story to “two masked men who came in and killed JUST HIM” THEN changed her story again…..to think that ANYONE believes she is innocent, just wow….these are the same people that think 9/11 was an inside job, that we never went to the moon, and that lizard people rule the world. Complete IDIOTS.

  • You cannot be this fucking stupid. There is just no way. Please explain how someone can stab themselves over ten times in their upper back? Shoot themselves on the angle the trajectory was on, and cut their own throats so deep that they nearly decapitate themselves. You said it all in your last paragraph, you just want to f*ck her. That’s about it. There’s nothing wrong with finding her attractive (if black widow spiders attractive) but to say she’s innocent and Travis killed himself, that’s just fucking stupid, sorry.

  • Ps, Is that your mugshot? Great pic. 😂😂😂😂

  • Am I the only one who gets that this article is satire? lolol there is no way this guy is serious 😝

  • Bottom line- she killed him- the end

  • One of the funniest troll articles I’ve ever read. Absolutely great stuff man! XD

  • Your article is pure comedy gold.

    “And for all those who will staunchly claim that there is no way for a man to first shoot himself in the face, then stab himself 27 times and lastly slit his own throat with the seeming intention of cutting off his own head, I say: you poor, naïve fool.

    Stranger things have happened, and when one looks at the evidence, it becomes more and more apparent that Jodi was in fact framed for the murder of Travis Alexander in the same way that OJ Simpson was framed for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, who clearly also killed themselves in order to ruin OJ’s budding acting career.”

  • Fry the whore

  • wow this boi a mega Simp

  • I watched a lot of the trial and read in detail about the evidence. I believe she went to Travis Alexander’s place with the intention of “winning him back” from this new girl he was dating. Since Travis is a pussy hound like many of us he let her stay with him and they had sex and played much of the time she was there. But Travis has a short fuse and when she accidentally dropped his prized camera while she was taking pictures of him in the shower he attacked her in a fit of rage. She was able to get away from him by hiding in his closet and either found the gun in there as she claimed or had her grandparents gun with her all along bringing it for safety on her long road trip. Either way, when she exited the closet with the gun he continued coming at her and she shot him – but it was a small caliber 0.25 bullet that did not kill him and only further enraged him. But it did buy her enough time to escape to the kitchen where she armed herself with a knife. When he tried to attack her again she stabbed him with the knife many times – it’s possible that she did not need to kill him at that point and decided to anyway in a fit of hysteria. It’s too bad Arizona doesn’t have handgun registration laws which might have been able to determine if Travis Alexander even owned a handgun. There is NO question in my mind that Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander and she has confessed to doing so. The question in my mind is was the murder deliberate and premeditated or was it part of an act of self defense that went overboard. With more evidence supporting Jodi’s assertions and less lying and changing of stories, she might have stood a chance of being convicted of a lesser charge such as second degree murder or even involuntary manslaughter.

  • Are you mentally stable? Your theory based on ZERO evidence is something any sane person can comprehend. Seems like you are some loser who doesn’t get ass and wants to pretend a fantasy with Arias. You are the type of guy she prefers. A moron who is weak and easily manipulated by women.

    • I made an error: I meant to say no sane person can understand your psychotic theory. Facts matter. Evidence matters. Your delusional assumption is concerning. Have you been checked by a therapist?

    • Oh please. I get plenty of ass, Michelle. I’m on my third marriage, after all. And I think I laid out all of the convincing evidence fairly succinctly, but I guess maybe it’s just a little too far over your head. Perhaps you should give this a reread and keep an open mind.

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