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Whenever Anderson Cooper is wearing glasses, you know he’s about to have a very serious discussion about politics.

Commercials for prescription laxatives to treat prescription opiate-induced constipation are the equivalent of Little Debbie including insulin shots with her zebra cakes.

I’ll bet that PBS has a very low viewership among Trump supporters.  

The second season of Serial podcast gave the second season of True Detective a run for its money in terms of which can suck more.

You know, a pinch of microcephaly might have done Rihanna a lot of good.

Anyone who says “the exception that proves the rule” doesn’t have the slightest understanding of how science works.

HLN needs to find another sexy murderer—I’m beginning to tire of my Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony sex fantasies.

Japan Reopens Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Following the successful relaunching of nuclear power earlier this month with the restarting of a nuclear reactor at its Sendai plant in the Southwest of the country, Japan announced this week that it was moving forward with plans to reopen its nuclear facility at Fukushima. The move is described as an accelerated effort to bring all of its nuclear facilities back online in time for the start of next season’s HBO series True Detective.
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