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Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: Uncomfortable Bed Mates

In a recent article on the use (or lack thereof) of the term class warfare, I made a passing jab at FoxNews and the Tea Party. I’m not a fan of bandwagons and broad generalizations that may make for easy writing but ultimately unsatisfying reading, and so I thought it worthwhile to further explore these comments in the interest of measuring their veracity. Because as much as Liberals and Occupy Wall Street sympathizers and/or activists may abhor the idea, in its earliest inception and at its most fundamental core, the Tea Party had a lot in common with the Occupy movement.

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What’s Wrong with Class Warfare, Anyway?

This morning marked the first time that I heard someone ask the seemingly obvious question: “What’s so wrong with using the term ‘class warfare’?” And while this may just as likely have been said, though for entirely different reasons, by the likes of Sean Hannity or Mark Levine as by Rachael Maddow or Al Sharpton, this question was instead posed by the endearingly buffoonish Donny Deutsch, chairman of Deutsch Inc. and frequent contributor to MSNBC’s Morning Joe program.

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