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8 –
BannedCast Vacation Sampler

DB is on vacation in Hawaii this week, so we’re kicking out a podcast sampler from all three of our BannedCast podcasts. On this episode sampler you’ll hear choice cuts from Game of Thrones: An Uninformed Podcast, Stranger Things: A Downside Up Podcast, and BannedCast Movie Trash!  

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Lucky Boys Confusion “Stormchaser” Used with permission. © Lucky Boys Confusion Music

Game of Thrones –
An (un)Informed Podcast

Join DB, Amy, and Jared as they break down each new episode of #GameofThrones Season 8. There’s just one catch: Neither DB nor Amy have seen any of the preceding 67 episodes, so … things get weird. Fortunately, Jared has seen every episode and read all of the books, and he’s ready to teach DB and Amy a thing or two about GOT. Or not because they’re too busy discussing the mechanics of dragon intercourse and whether a throne is any better than a recliner. Listen to Game of Thrones: An (un)Informed Podcast every week of season 8, brought to you by BannedCast!