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Season 3 Wrap-Up –
Part 2

Today we discuss our favorite and least favorite characters and seasons before discussing our next podcast project: BannedCast Movie Trash! 

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Lucky Boys Confusion “Stormchaser” Used with permission. © Lucky Boys Confusion Music

GOT Season 8 Ep 6 –
The Iron Throne

Amy likes John, DB still likes Daenerys, and Jared doesn’t like Grey Worm. Also: Amy predicted a death, DB wins silver, and Jared shares his expertise on 17th-century Elizabethan literature as well as Game of Thrones.

Apologies for the release glitch this week! We didn’t realize it wasn’t available even though we posted it. Probably DB’s fault.

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Lucky Boys Confusion “Stormchaser” Used with permission. © Lucky Boys Confusion Music

Meaningful Misses, Identity Messes:
Andrew Zimmerman, Amelie Wen Zhao, & another nod to Azealia Banks

Last summer, during an interview at the Minnesota State Fair, professional chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmerman, known for showcasing and promoting exotic foods from around the world, discussed how he’d like to introduce Midwestern diners to “authentic” Chinese food. A Minnesota native and local hero, he wanted to “save the souls of all the people from having to dine at these horseshit restaurants masquerading as Chinese food that are in the Midwest.”1
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Fruit Islands Cereal
Is My Rosebud

Fruit Islands is my Rosebud. It represents a lost childhood innocence that I shall likely never reclaim, and I have a Proustian relationship with this cereal such that as I write this, I can actually taste, ever so faintly, these Cookie Crisp-shaped pieces, hear the satisfying crunch as each “island” succumbs to the force of my clenching teeth and feel the resulting shrapnel tearing through the tender flesh along the roof of my mouth.
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Asian Vacation

Contributor Holly W. recently traveled to Asia on assignment for BannedCast. Things went awry in spectacular BannedCast fashion, and we are presently in contact with authorities in Vietnam as we continue to attempt to locate her. Because she still owes us $25 for those Crocs she bought on the corporate account that she claimed were necessary for trips to the beach in the Philippines as part of her “job duties.”

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My Recent UFO Abduction
Was Nothing If Not a Pleasurable Experience

I am here to set the record straight and repudiate the rampant media mischaracterizations regarding UFO abductions. Because I was recently abducted by a UFO, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that being abducted by a UFO is a mostly pleasurable experience.

I have been abducted by UFOs several times over the course of my life, and apart from the anal rape, I would absolutely recommend an alien abduction to anyone looking for a relaxing, spiritual experience.

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