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Tiger King 2020

More contentious than pro choice versus pro life, Republican versus Democrat, and Billie Eilish versus musical talent is Joe Exotic versus Carol Baskin, and at least one of us is on team Baskin. That’s right, we’re interrupting our pandemic double feature to talk Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode’s docuseries Tiger King in a podcast that’s probably two weeks too late but whatever—you’re in Coronavirus lockdown and have an insatiable Joe Exotic appetite that might as well be further satiated with our insightful take on this latest Netflix cultural phenomenon. And by “insightful” we do mean prosaic and uninspired. 

NOTE: DB erroneously attributes the San Diego zoo and San Diego Safari Park to San Francisco, a mistake that can only be the result of his increased intake of Tito’s vodka and marijuana edibles during this current coronavirus lockdown. This is a podcast, after all, so mistakes are part of the landscape. 

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