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Donald Trump is America’s Fault

In the opening to his cover of Patti Smith’s “Rock n’ Roll Nigger,” Marilyn Manson screams “I was made in America, and America hates me for what I am. I am your shit, you should be ashamed of what you have eaten.” At the risk of comparing a doughy windbag ass-clown to an iconic rock n’ roll star, truer words might not be spoken of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign which, while stoking the ire of a vast bipartisan contingent of the American public, has also inspired a groundswell of fanatical support from some of the darker recesses of the American landscape most often regarded during flyovers between New York and Los Angeles.
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A Brief Letter to Fans of Sean Hannity/ Mark Levin/ Rush Limbaugh/ Glenn Beck/ Alex Jones/ Talking Hermaphroditic Hamsters

I recently awoke from a methadone and absinthe-fueled stupor while lying on the living room floor of a complete stranger. Nearby a television had been set to FoxNews, and mashed onto my ears was a pair of puffy 1980s-style headphones plugged in to a Sony Walkman tuned to the local AM conservative talk station.

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