The Sound and the Fur(r)y Part 4: How Far Did You Travel for FurCon?

Clip 6Mr. Fox left us to talk with some sort of furry bovine, and it was then that Hayley realized we had just conducted our interview with Mr. Fox while standing in front of several opened doors leading from the mezzanine into the conference center concourse, and with hardly a word of explanation, she walked through and was inside. I glanced quickly at the woman who had first turned us away for not having the proper badges and saw that she was still dutifully checking the badges of attendees, and so I followed Hayley through the opened doors and into the conference center.

Once inside we encountered many more furries, and there was now a sense that we had crossed an important threshold. We were inside their territory now, where only the most dedicated of furries sporting costly badges were allowed. Were I not still wearing Hayley’s cat ears, I may have been immediately descended upon and subjected to a terrifyingly robust violation of any and all bodily cavities in a macabre gang act administered by a slew of barnyard animals, but I as yet blended in among them, regarded as one among their numbers.

There was no telling how long this cover would last.

We noticed a long line of furries advancing along the perimeter of the concourse toward a second set of doors that led toward thumping dance music, and we took our place at the end. There Hayley struck up a conversation with another gentleman furry in front of us who proceeded to describe how far he had traveled in order to attend FurCon 2015.

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