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BannedCast S2 E4: Black Panther

On the subject of Black Panther, Vibranium, and tradition. Among other typical BannedCast musings.

BannedCast S2 E3: Facebook Hates You

BannedCast’s second season continues with a piece on why Facebook isn’t your friend.

BannedCast S2 E2: Flying Sucks

BannedCast’s second season continues with a piece on the misery of flying. And somehow it all has to do with Rachel Dolezal and Mel Gibson.

BannedCast S2 E1: Music Trouble

BannedCast’s second season begins with a piece on music. And why Eddie Vedder sucks.

BannedCast S1 E5: Earlier This Year …

Happy New Year! Forget your imminent hangover by watching this, which will make that hangover feel less painful by comparison. Featuring a review of some of the 2014 news items you may have missed, and others you surely didn’t.

BannedCast S1 E4: Your Ebola Recap

Whoops! We somehow forgot to post this! And what with a new video coming tomorrow, your New Year’s Eve cannot possibly get any better! And that’s depressing. Because you really should have better things going on in your life, you know.

BannedCast S1 E3: How to Drink 5 Hour Energy

BannedCast’s 5 Hour Energy recipes. Because you probably don’t know how to properly drink 5 Hour Energy, and this instructional video will show you how.