A Note on Consistency

Consistency is the key to a good life.

Not your life, but in general, this is true.

Mostly true.

There are, of course, exceptions.

For example, if you regularly wet the bed, you may want to reconsider this approach to “consistency,” especially if your urine is lumpy and mottled with traces of blood, in which case that consistency should be of very much concern.

Furthermore, you’re a 32-year-old man, and you should have broken that habit at least three or four years ago or at least several months following your divorce. And while I’m sure that you can walk into any Kindergarten in this city and find plenty of others who share your appetite for pre-bedtime apple juice, that doesn’t make it right or make you any less of a bitch.

Of course, there will be plenty of others in those Kindergarten classrooms who will point and laugh, including the teacher. But really, do those people’s opinions matter? The answer is yes. Yes they do, and you should be ashamed.




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